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 Just something for ideas

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PostSubject: Just something for ideas   Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:58 am


I've noticed that you are having a hard time with the charcater bios. I've been doing RPG's 8 years now so I've done several myself. I thought I would toss one up for you look over and maybe spark some ideas. If you have some non-specific characters you need I would be more than willing to come up with some for you.

D.O.B: June 15, 2358
Parents: Ewan & Ailie Donovan
Siblings: Jacob (19 SF, Cadet), and Evelyn (13)

Service Record:
2376-2379: Starfleet Academy
2379-2380: Marine Combat Infantry School
2380-2380: Alpha Company, 2nd Platoon Leader, USS Erebus
2380-2381: Alpha Company XO, 1st Platoon Leader, USS Erebus
2381-2382: Alpha Company CO, USS Erebus
2382-present: Company CO, USS Gladiator

Kathryn Donovan grew up in Edinburgh Scotland. She lived a normal life playing soccer and parises squares in grade school and high school. At eighteen she joined the Starfleet Marine Corps in the final year of the Dominion war. Following Infantry School Donovan was posted to the USS Erebus as the second platoon leader. She quickly earned a reputation was promoted to company XO and first Platoon leader of Alpha Company. The newly promoted first Lieutenant saw her first combat action against a rouge faction of Cardassians on the moon Bastion Moore.

En rout to the drop zone the company commanderís shuttle was hit by enemy fire and was destroyed. Donovan took command of Alpha Company and helped lead the Marines into victory.

Later that year the USS Erebus was invaded by a group of telepathic aliens that held the ship hostage while they ran experiments on selected members in the holodecks. Donovan organized a resistance composed mostly of marines but a few naval security, science, and engineers in a failed attempt to liberate the bridge and engineering of the aliens. The result was the death of the team. Donovan was filled with guilt following the incident and the subsequent vacancy of the alien presence and attempted to take her life which she was talked out of.
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PostSubject: Re: Just something for ideas   Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:53 am

Thanks for the idea but I think it's a little to typical. I want to be more original than other fan series. I have completed some of the bios which you can see here:
You'll need Celtx to view it. You can get Celtx here:
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Just something for ideas
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